We should give more care to animals today

Today, with the increasement of population of human, lots of living space are ocupied by human beings. Thus a great number of animals' living condition is a question of which we should be taking serious. However, animals are our friends and they should live harmoniously with human beings in the nature.So, we should give more protection to animals and, once they are injured give them curement and Veterinary surgery.

Veterinary surgery is surgery performed on animals by veterinarians with kinds of veterinary instruments. In other words, Veterinary Surgery is a source of up-to-date coverage of surgical and anesthetic management of animals, addressing significant problems in veterinary surgery with relevant case histories and observations.Most veterinarians perform surgery, but it is also possible to specialize in surgery by becoming board certified.

The goal of veterinary surgery may be quite different in pets and in farm animals. In the former, situation is a bit like in human beings, and more and more complex operations are performed, with sophisticated anaesthesia technics. In the latter, the cost of the operation must not exceed the economic benefit in surgically treating the illness. A good physical restraint must often replace expansive anaesthesia procedures. This limits the number of surgical operations that can be performed on those animals. Moreover, operations practised in the farm can not be performed in such aseptic conditions as in small animals clinics.