Medical Consumable

Hospital medical equipment and supplies refer to various devices, tools, instruments and medical consumables that are used in hospitals and healthcare establishments. These hospital medical equipment consists of different types of diagnostic hospital medical equipment, autoclaves, hospital hollowware, hospital medical consumables, suction units, rubber hospital equipment supplies, etc. A large number of companies are engaged in the trade of hospital supplies and medical supplies wholesale.
Hospital Consumable

These products comprise antiseptics, bandages, medical tapes, sanitary products, surgical needles, syringes, etc. All of these medical consumables have different and a number of uses. For example, bandage or medical tape medical supply is a piece of cloth, which is used for covering a wound or injury in order to stop the bleeding. Surgical needle is a type of sewing needle used in a surgical operation. Medical syringes are smaller hospital equipment supplies used for transferring liquids or gases to or from otherwise inaccessible areas.


Hospital rubber goods refer to a broad range of products like breast pumps, rubber catheters, rubber sheets, surgical rubber tubes, etc, that are made up of elastic material i.e. rubber, and are usually water-repellent. Also, many of these products are classified as medical consumables. Rubber tubes or catheters are hospital equipment supplies made up of flexible and elastic tubes that allow the fluids to flow into a human body. Within the rubber products category there are a large number of items produced by hospital supplies and medical supplies wholesale companies.


Suction units are a hospital medical equipment comprising devices and tools that are especially created for performing all emergency suction applications in adult, child, and infants. The suction unit hospital equipment supplies are widely available in the market. The range of these products marketed by hospital supplies and medical supplies wholesale companies includes automated, portable, durable, hand-held, and electrically operated medical supply gadgets. Generally, suction units consist of a suction apparatus, suction equipment, suction tube medical supply, cannula, safety jar, cannula, foot switch, and a vacuum extractor. Further, a suction units is also a medical supply that makes use of many medical consumables.